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October 15, 2012 •

Katturumbu – Gayaan

Guitar tabs / chords for edi Katturumbe (Katturumbu) by Gayaan

Song: Katturumb
Band: Gayaan

The song is played by plucking various notes around the chords which I’ve posted here. Feel the song as you play it. Simply strumming the chords using the strumming pattern DDUDUD UDDU also works fine. Go crazy with the song 😉

Place a capo in 1st fret.

Am         F   
Haaaaaa  aaaah

C           G
Oooooo oooooo        x2 Times


Am                                   Dm
Pulimaavin kombin mele Keriyapulunthe ente

F                                   G
Karalil kadichathenthe Katturumbe…

Am                       F            C            G
Edi katturumbe…

Am                         C
Pande paranjathale Theeyaan nenjill enn

Dm                             G
Uuthi perupikaathe poyedi neeye…           x2 Times

Am                       F        Am     F
Edi Katturumbe…

Am                       F            C            G

Edi Katturumbeee

Am                                   F                        G                   F
Kili vannu chodichapom paranjathenthe…

Am                                          Dm                         C             G

Aa…kili vannu chodichapom paranjathenthe…

 F                          C                              G
Ninte kombil onn thodaan ullill mohichille…

 F                          Am                     C                  G
Ninte kombil onn thodaan ullill mohichille…

Dm                 G             Bb         F
athukondalle njan…

E                Am         F          G
Kadichille nee…

Am         F          C         G
Edi katturumbe…

C                        Am
Maambu pootha kaalam nammal

F        G
Ellaam nukarnille…           x2 Times

Am         C
Ennitum nee…

Bb                                         G
Kili chudante kombill vanna thattha cherukane

Am         F          Dm           G
Mohichille…ente nenjille theeye…

 Am          F         C        G
Edi katturumbe…

Am          F         C        G
edii edi katturumbe…


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