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August 16, 2015 •

Unfinished Hope – Premam BGM

Guitar chords/tabs for the beautiful ‘Unfinished Hope’ from the movie Premam. The chords are same as well for the score ‘High Speed Drifting’.

Song: Unfinished Hope / High Speed Drifting
Movie: Premam
Music: Rajesh Murugeshan


Strumming – DU D’U D’U DU D’U D’U

D’ is a mute strum.. just let your fingers holding the chords a little loose to get the mute sound.

The chords for this brilliant score is:

D#       G#m       C#      B

D# is a little hard one to play, so I suggest using a Capo on first fret and playing –

D        Gm        C       A#


Here is a video of me playing the chord progression:

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