September 14, 2013 3:22 pm

Nostalgia – Thaikkudam Bridge

Guitar chords for Nostalgia (Mix of Mandara Cheppundo, Pachakarikaya Thattil, Allimalar Kaavil and Chinkara Kinnaram) performed by Thaikkudam Bridge in Music Mojo (Kappa TV).

Song: Nostalgia
Band: Thaikkudam Bridge
Singers: Siddharth Menon, Govind Menon, Vipin Lal, Christin Jose

Intro tabs

Strum the full chord Em and pluck the last 2 strings. Next, pluck the 4th string holding Asus2 (A chord with 2nd string open) and then pluck the 2nd and 3rd strings.

Em           Asus2    Em           Asus2


Mandara Cheppundo

Em          Asus2
Mandara Cheppundo

Em          Asus2 
Manikka Kallundo

G                     D
Kayil Vaarmathiye

Em                                             D
Ponnum thennum vayambum undo

Em                                       D 
Vaanambaadithan thoovalundo

D                      Bm                       C                  
Ullil aamodha thirakal uyarumbo mounam paadunnu       x2 times


Pachakkarikkaaya Thattil

Pachakkarikkaaya Thattil

Em                            Bm
Oru muthassi potato cholli

Em          D               C               Em
Kunjole kumpaalee maamundu chanchaadoo            x2 times

A                                                 Em
Vellarippinchu polum chumma kallakkanneerozhukki

Bm                                      Em       Bm           G
Thakkaaleem pappaaleem achinga muchinga peechingayodoppam

Bm                  Em
Picha nadannu cholli

Em          D               C               Em
Kunjole kumpaalee maamundu chanchaadoo


Allimalar Kaavil

Em                       Bm
Allimalar kaavil pooram kaanaan

Em                          Bm
Annu nammal poyi raavil nilaavil

A                                           Em
Dhooreyoraalmara chottilirunnu

A                                            Em
Maarivil gopura maalika theerthu

A               G         Bm   Em
Athil naamonnaay aadi paadee


Chinkara Kinnaram

Em                           D                           C                      Em
Chinkara kinnaram chirichukonchunna manikurunney vaa

Em                   Em

Em                           D                           C                      Em
Kurumburanjumi kurunnu chundathey manipathakkam tha

Em                   Em 

Bm                             Bm

Em                      D                         C                      Em
Mamamamundu minnaram kandu minnaminniyayi vaa

Em                Em  

Em                           D                           C                      Em
Chinkara kinnaram chirichukonchunna manikurunney vaa

Em                   Em 

Now let the madness begin…! :D

Chords of final jam portion:

Em / Dsus2 / A / C

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  • ohm

    can i get the piano notes pleaseee

    • amitsn

      Hey ohm. I am not very advanced in piano. Plus posting notes would take a lot of time. Just play the chords I’ve posted and try to play the song. It is not that hard, trust me :)

      • ohm

        thank you for the reply :)

        I don’t play guitar, moreover,am just a beginner in piano !

        if i am not wrong, isn’t it possible to convert these guitar notes to its octave note form directly??

        • amitsn

          You can check online how to hold the chords (which I’ve posted above) in piano and you can sing along with it. Or, using your left hand, hold the chords and then try to play the lead (actual song tune) using right hand (which you’ll have to figure out yourself). This will take some time to master though.

          • harry shadowz

            Thanks amit well because of u I could play this in a programme :*

          • amitsn

            Wow that is so great. So happy to hear that man :) Glad I could help :)

  • Girish

    Hello Amit. I don’t know how to play a guitar. Would you Please tell me What does Em, Asus, G, D, C and Notes like those Means…. Please

    • amitsn

      Hey Girish, those are called “chords”. Just head to, type in the chord name – like Em. It will show you how to hold the chord..

  • Amal T S

    i didnt get the asus chord can u say it in detail

    • amitsn

      Hold normal A chord, but leave your pinkie (small finger).

      • Amal T S

        is it the first one in those four diagrams ?

        • amitsn


          • Amal T S

            it would be great if u start some video tuts :)

          • amitsn

            Hope you’ve seen this. I have posted some videos here:

            Cheers :)

          • Amal T S

            keep rockin bro can u make strumming tuts ? it will be really helpful for us newbies :))

            cheers :) #ty

  • govind gita

    i think there is some correction in pallavi of chingara kinnaram.. it goes like Em…D….C….Em

    • amitsn

      Thanks for the correction. I will check and update :)

  • nathan

    the last peice that they play aftr the song…. Bm Am G#m F#m( barre chords) i think so…..not sure…correct me if im wrong. !!

    • amitsn

      I will check when I get time. Sorry, I’ve been a little busy lately.

      • nathan

        :)….ok….pls do when u r free….!!

  • nathan

    heyy can u pls post the chords fort the last peice that they play..??….Bm Am G#m F#m……i think these are the begginin chords the rest i dnt kno..!!

    • amitsn

      It is Em / Dsus2 / A / C

  • anoop

    I guess the chords for the last part of the song goes like this. …

    Em / Dsus2 / A / C

    • amitsn

      You are correct. I’ve updated the post. Thanks :)

  • hariraj

    I want the final jam chords if possible

    • amitsn

      I’ve updated the post with the chords :)

      • hariraj

        great thanks

  • Azhar Nizar

    Thanks for Thaikudam Bridge and My sis Aishwarya..because she’s the one who send this song…i will listen this when am going to sleep…Nice Song guyz i love it

  • nathan

    been waiting for that final jam..=D..(Y)

    • amitsn

      Hehe :)

  • Amal T S


    • amitsn

      I know it can get a bit overwhelming, but keep practicing buddy. Don’t give up :)

  • nathan

    heyy amit mandhaara cheppundoo…that “”ponnum thennum vayambum undo vanampadi thann thuvalundoo””…in between Em & D…a C sounds reallyt nice…a friend suggested me this…….i think it changes the tune a bit….but it sounds more beautiful

  • ARUN

    pleae give me the pluking style for the last song(chinkara kinnaram)

  • naveen

    Please sing more tamil song

  • Aravind Balachandran

    I need violin + guitar solo on my guitar as tabs can i get that ?? anyone ? help! plz!

  • akhil baby

    hi, how to strum when chords G D , D Bm C is played

  • abhi

    what is dis dsus

  • K07

    I am beginner in guitar…I just started to play Nostalgia…em asus2 ok…

    i not getting …2nd line G D ……

    Is it correct
    D :


    • amitsn

      Play G chord and then Yeah it is normal D chord only..

  • vignesh

    hey amit can you gimme the picking pattern from the second song onwards.

  • Pratik prabhakaran

    Ending Jam…should be Em/Dsus2/A/C-Dsus2….2 strums off c and 2 strums of Dsus2….sounds closer..

  • bobo

    Tnx a lot…i learnt this song full….
    did some research on asus2 and dsus2….got them

  • Hari Krishnan

    Please add the final guitar solo tabs….plzzzz..

  • Nijil Murali